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Rock Bottom Priced Hosting - Windows Server Hosting

One of the decisions you'll need to make for hosting your website is whether to host it on a Windows server or on a Linux platform. The majority of computer users choose Windows as their operating system for a variety of reasons. Find out the advantages of Windows server hosting and whether it's the right choice for your business.

Advantages of Windows Server Hosting: It's Easier to Learn

Most people who have used both a Windows operating system and Linux find the Windows operating system to be more user-friendly and easier to master. The Linux interface is less intuitive, and the learning curve steeper than it is for Windows. Many Linux users refer to "the dreaded learning curve" when they describe their experience with Linux. If you don't want to deal with the additional hassles of learning a more challenging system, Windows is your best option. Windows offers a more extensive help section in their GUI interface than the more limited one Linux provides. They also have online resources available for speeding up the learning curve and solving problems. Plus, it's easier to find books to help guide you through the Windows experience. Overall, Windows is more user friendly, especially for new computer users.

Windows Has More Available Software

If you choose Windows server hosting, you'll have access to a greater selection of software and utilities than you will with Linux. If you enjoy playing computer games in your spare time, there are more games available for Windows users than for Linux since most games were designed for the Windows platform. You can run some of them on Linux, but it may require modifications to make them compatible.

Advantages of Windows Server Hosting: Windows Has More Hardware Support

Linux will work with many hardware devices, but it doesn't offer the same level of support as Microsoft Windows does. It can be a challenge to find out if a hardware device will work with Linux since not many manufacturers give this information on the packaging. To find out, you may have to search online. This is an additional frustration and can be time-consuming.

It's More User Friendly

If your business has employees, they'll likely be more comfortable working with the Windows interface. To get them up to speed on Linux will take more time and training. This means more frustrations and additional time and manpower.

It Supports ASP.NET

If you plan on building a dynamic website or application using ASP.NET, you'll need Windows server hosting since Linux doesn't support it. Some ASP.NET applications can run on Linux through a special software download. This software is available through an open-source development project called Mono. With Windows you don't have the additional hassle of having to download software to use ASP.NET.

Advantages of Windows Server Hosting: Is It for You?

The Windows operating system is used by the majority of computer users for both personal and business applications. Consider the benefits and decide whether Windows server hosting is right for you and your business.