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Rock Bottom Priced Hosting - Linux Server Hosting

When you host a website, you have the option of choosing a Linux server or a Windows server. Which should you select? Find out the advantages of choosing the Linux operating system over Microsoft Windows.

Advantages of Linux Server Hosting: It's Less Expensive

One of the disadvantages of being on a Windows server is the licensing fees. These can be substantial since you have to purchase a license for each user. Linux has the benefit of being free of licensing fees, which can save a significant amount of money if you have numerous users. Linux is a low cost alternative to Microsoft Windows.

It's a More Stable System

Linux is a stable system that doesn't slow down or stall if you don't reboot it frequently. This can be an ongoing problem with Windows. When systems go down, it's costly to any business and inconvenient as well. With Linux you get a stable system that doesn't require frequent reboots. In fact, some Linux users say they haven't had to reboot their computer in over a year.

Advantages of Linux Server Hosting: It's Flexible

One of the greatest strengths of Linux is its flexibility. With a Linux operating system you can change what you don't like and customize almost every aspect of the Linux experience to meet your needs. If you don't like the desktop, windows manager or programs that are already installed, you can install new ones that meet your needs. You can also add third-party applications to help with different tasks. With Windows, you can only make minor changes to your system.

It Works on Old Hardware

Have an old computer you want to put to use? Linux will run on computers with little processing power or RAM. You can even customize the interface to run at a faster speed if you have a slow computer. You don't have this advantage with Microsoft Windows.

You Have Access to Free and Open Source Software

Many of the software programs available for Linux are open-source and free of charge, and the software is often easier to use than software designed for Windows. You also have the option of altering source code to add the additional features you need if you have programming knowledge.

Advantages of Linux Server Hosting: A Linux Server is Secure

Some argue that Linux is a more secure system and less vulnerable to attacks. Windows has a larger population of users so more viruses are targeted towards them than the smaller population of Linux users. With so many users and developers having access to the source code, it's more likely that potential security problems will be found early and a security update issued. It's also more difficult for a virus to gain access to the root due to the permission system Linux uses. This protects system files from damage. Arguably, Linux is a more secure system than Windows.

It's Good for Multitasking

With Linux you can have multiple desktops running different programs or perform different tasks at the same time. This makes it a more flexible system that can increase your productivity.

Is the Linux Server Option for You?

Now that you know the benefits of Linux server hosting, consider the options. Linux offers a flexible system that you can alter to meet your needs. It's also less expensive, which reduces your overhead. Keep this in mind when choosing between Linux and Microsoft Windows.