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How Can a Blog Benefit Your Business?

Do you want to increase your search engine ranking? Do you want to speed up conversion of potential customers? Do you want to advertise for free? With a blog you can do all of this and more!

To stay competitive in the online marketplace, a blog is essential for a company of any size. A blog allows your customers to feel like they are really getting to know the company and the people behind it. Consider these important benefits to blogging. Regular blog posting for your business has once again become a potentially viable form of Internet marketing. If your website has a blog attached, here are five ways a business blog can help you increase sales and reduce costs.

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Rock Bottom Priced Hosting - Starting a Blog with WordPress Hosting

Starting a WordPress blog is a great way to establish a presence on the Internet. Unlike starting a regular website, starting up a WordPress blog tends to be fairly straightforward. Regardless of your level of experience, getting a simple WordPress blog up and running is something that can be done in a day. There are no steep learning curves and the setup process is normally done in a couple of hours. Most professional blogs use WordPress, including major online news resources. If you plan to design a professional blog which you hope will one day start to provide an income, you should use WordPress.

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Choosing a Niche for Your WordPress Blog

Choosing a niche for a WordPress blog is often the hardest part of all, especially if you intend to start a WordPress blog that has a good potential for making money. Most importantly, you should choose a subject that you are very familiar with. This should be something that you can easily write content about on a regular basis. In short, choose a niche that interests you and that provides interesting content for your targeted audience.

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Register a Domain for Your WordPress Blog

Choose your domain name wisely. A domain name should ideally contain a popular key word or phrase relating to the content of your WordPress blog. Domain name registration is available for under $10 per year and hosting fees average around $5-$10 per month. Specialized WordPress hosting is available for that same affordable price!

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Learning How to Use WordPress

While WordPress has a steeper learning curve than other blog software, it should not take you long before you find your way around it and make your first post. You do not need to have any knowledge of HTML. There are many themes available for WordPress blogs, some of which are well optimized for the search engines. Installing WordPress software is done through the tools provided by your hosting provider. By purchasing WordPress hosting, WordPress is already installed saving you the time and hassle of doing it yourself. Publishing your first post may seem a little daunting at first, but you can preview it before posting. With WordPress hosting, thousands of free WordPress plugins and hundreds of free WordPress themes are already available for install and use.

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Building Up Traffic to Your WordPress Blog

Web hosting service providers will normally provide you with detailed statistics about the visitors to your site. Alternatively, you can install a free utility such as SiteMeter. To drive traffic to your site, you will need to advertise it. There are many different ways of doing this.

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Monetizing Your WordPress Blog

Finding WordPress hosting is the start of creating a WordPress blog to make money, but you must also market your website. Along with WordPress hosting, you can get email marketing and online marketing tools to help make the most of your WordPress hosting plan. The best time to monetize your WordPress blog is when you have a few dozen visitors per day. It will take several months at least before you can expect any kind of an income from blogging, but it largely depends on how much work you put into marketing your site. Keep your aims realistic and update your site regularly to keep the number of visitors growing.

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Rock Bottom Priced Hosting - WordPress Hosting

Rock Bottom Priced Hosting provides WordPress hosting making it even easier to get your new WordPress blog up and running. WordPress hosting allows you to create a personal state-of-the-art blog quickly and easily. Let Rock Bottom Priced Hosting provide hosting for your WordPress blog with our affordable wordpress hosting!

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