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When it comes time to launch your business website, what are your options? One of the most popular content management systems in the world is Joomla. Joomla has the advantage of being open-source and free to use. To put it to work, you simply install the program through your web hosting service and begin designing your website. Using a Joomla hosting provider has benefits. A Joomla host understands this content management system and can help you wade through the process of getting your website up and running. What are the benefits of using Joomla and Joomla hosting to build your website?

Benefits of Joomla

Joomla makes it simple to build a website that meets the needs of almost any business. Small businesses use it but so do large corporations and non-profits because of its versatility and flexibility. No wonder it's become the most popular content management system in the world. It offers a powerful system for building sites ranging from a small, personal site to a large corporate one.

Joomla offers a variety of templates for website building that makes site creation easy. You can quickly customize any template to better showcase and brand your business. Need more versatility? Joomla supports over 2,000 different extensions that will help you do a variety of other functions. Some of these extensions include software for forum building, e-commerce shopping carts, galleries to display photos, traffic tracking systems, calendars, software for blogging and banner advertising systems. As the needs of your business grow, Joomla works right along with you.

Other Out-of-the-Box Features of Joomla

Joomla comes with a media manager to manage media files and has an easy-to-use content creation system. This system allows you to combine content with images to create a website that keeps visitors coming back for more. Joomla also makes it easy to syndicate content to help extend the reach and influence of your website. It supports a variety of languages and media files including audio and video. Unsure what your customers want? Create polls using Joomla to find out what they want to buy.

Joomla Hosting Makes Using Joomla a Snap

When you use a Joomla hosting provider, you get the benefits of one-click installation. This makes getting your website up and running a snap. Joomla hosting providers also offer tutorials and ongoing customer support. This is invaluable when you're building a business website. With Joomla, you also have the support of large community of Joomla developers and users as well as a built-in help section.

Is Joomla and Joomla Hosting for You?

Joomla is a versatile content management system that can grow and expand along with your business needs. No wonder it received an award for being the best open-source content management system in 2006. It has many thousands of satisfied users who've built their business around its easy-to-use system. It could be right for your business too. Consider the options that Joomla and Joomla hosting offers and see how it can give your company a professional web presence that keeps customers returning again and again.