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Rock Bottom Priced Hosting - Should You Get an SSL Certificate for Your Website?

Most web surfers enjoy shopping online. But one thing that makes them pause before filling their shopping cart with merchandise is the threat of internet fraud and the risk of having their personal information stolen. When customers send their credit card number through the internet to make a purchase, they want to be sure it won’t be stolen or used for the wrong purposes. Fortunately, if you’re in the business of selling goods or services online, there’s a way to do this. You can make your customer feel more secure doing business with you by getting an SSL certificate for your website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer protocol, and it’s a software system designed to encrypt personal information such as credit card numbers or passwords your customers enters so it’s invisible to scammers. You can obtain an SSL certificate by applying for one through your web host. Once you’ve completed the application, your hosting company verifies that your company and personal information are legitimate and that you legally control the domain in question.

The verification process is stringent enough so that would-be scammers will not be able to “fool” the system and get a certificate illegally. Once this verification process is complete, an SSL certificate is placed on your site to encrypt any information that flows to and from your website. This means random numbers and letters are adding to information that flows back and forth so that it’s unreadable. Only the website owner, who has a special key can read the information.

Once your site is verified, you become the proud owner of an SSL certified website. Without this encryption, information customers enter is available for anyone to see as it moves through computer networks to its destination. Not many customers are going to feel comfortable with this. For good reason.

How Does Having an SSL Certificate on Your Website Benefit Your Business?

Having an SSL certificate reassures customers that they’re doing business with a legitimate website. They know when they enter their personal information, credit card number or password, it’s safely encrypted so no one can see it or use it for illegal purposes. In an online world where scams are so common, it gives customers additional piece of mind. This can increase your bottom line by helping visitors feel safe doing business with you.

When you’re granted an SSL certificate, you’ll receive an SSL icon to place on your site for visitors to see you’re a secure site. Visitors will know you’ve gone the extra mile to prove you’re a safe and secure website. This increases their confidence in your company and products and makes them feel comfortable returning to buy from you again and again.

What if you don’t get an SSL certificate? Not having SSL certification can directly affect your bottom line. Many web savvy consumers won’t purchase from a website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate displayed. This reduces the number of potential buyers that are willing to purchase your products. Not a good thing for a new or established business.

Is SSL Certification for You?

Consider the pros and cons of getting an SSL certificate for your website. Then talk to your hosting provider. Chances are you’ll quickly see the benefits of this service.

Rock Bottom Priced Hosting - SSL Certificates

Rock Bottom Priced Hosting takes the security of your website seriously. Rock Bottom Priced Hosting offers Linux hosting plans for the more security conscious customers. Rock Bottom Priced Hosting has ssl certificate plans that provide website security and give your visitors and customers peace of mind. An ssl certificate lets customers know that your website has security measures in place to keep their private information secure. An ssl certificate is recognized by 99% of browsers and provides up to 256-bit encryption. Each ssl certificate plan includes an ssl installation tool making it easy to setup your ssl certificate!

Standard SSL Certificate Plan

Rock Bottom Priced Hosting standard ssl certificate plan provides basic website security with the following features:

  • Domain validated
  • Issued within minutes
  • $10,000 warranty
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Premium SSL Certificate Plan

Rock Bottom Priced Hosting premium ssl certificate plan provides premium website security with the following features:

  • Domain and company validated
  • Trusted green security browser bar
  • Free temporary standard ssl certificate
  • $250,000 warranty
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