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Rock Bottom Priced Hosting - How Can a Fax to Email Service Benefit Your Business?

Back in the day the fax machine represented the epitome of technological progress. The ability to send a document over an ordinary telephone line represented a great leap forward, and it allowed companies to communicate in ways that simply were not possible before the invention of the fax machine.

Fax machine technology can still be useful for your business, but there are some solid reasons why your firm should move away from the old fashioned standalone fax machine and toward a solution that lets you send and receive faxes through your email program. The use of a fax to email service carries a number of important benefits, from greater simplicity to reduced costs.

Customer Service and Your Fax Machine

If you still have an old fashioned standalone fax machine stuck in a corner of your office, you need to ask yourself just how much productivity is lost as employees line up to send and receive faxes.

If yours is a typical office, it probably takes your workers at least a few minutes to make their way to the fax machine. When they arrive, they may find themselves waiting in line several more minutes to send a fax, or to look through the many faxes that have already been received. That is all wasted time and energy, and it can be a big drain on productivity.

This loss of productivity and responsiveness can be particularly problematic if you run a busy office with lots of phone calls and customer service needs. When your workers are standing in line at the fax machine, they are not answering customer calls, and that can result in abandoned calls and some very unhappy customers.

There Is a Better Way

When you use a fax to email service instead, your workers can remain right where they are and still send and receive the faxes they need. With a fax to email service, employees can simply provide customers with a dedicated fax number, and the faxes those customers send come right into the email box. Workers can also send documents via fax to all their customers, making it easier for them to get more done and communicate more effectively with both internal and external customers.

Using a dedicated fax to email service also eliminates the need to manually track each fax as it is received. Companies that rely on old fashioned fax machines typically assign an employee, or a group of employees, to track each fax as it is received, requiring hours of painstaking and repetitive work, and introducing the possibility of human error into the equation. With a fax to email service, all of this record keeping is automatic, making it easy to see exactly who sent you a fax, when they sent it and who received it.

As you can see, there are many advantages to using a fax to email service instead of a standalone fax machine. While physical fax machines were once cutting edge technology, their time has passed, and the functionality they possess has been usurped by more powerful technology. When you exchange your standalone fax machine for a fax to email service, you can take advantage of this new technology and help your workers get more done at a lower cost. And that is good for your bottom line.

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Fax to Email

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