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Rock Bottom Priced Hosting - How Can a Hosted Exchange Email Benefit Your Business?

Choosing the right email plan for your business will help it run more smoothly. Many small businesses start out with basic email hosting that uses a POP mail server. With this system, your company's email stays on the email host's server until you're ready to send it to Microsoft Outlook Express or another email reader to read it. This system works, but there's another option. You can use exchange email hosting for your business. What are the advantages of using an exchange email hosting service?

Benefits of Exchange Email Hosting

With basic email hosting you get customized email addresses that use your company's name. These email addresses are in the format 0TrrrrrrU@yourcompany.comU0T, which makes them a good tool for branding. You also have this benefit with exchange email hosting, but there are other advantages to using exchange email hosting that you don't get with basic email hosting.

Do you do a lot of traveling? With exchange email hosting, your email is always stored on a central Microsoft Exchange server. This allows you to access your email and other files using a web browser or hand-held device when you're on the go. You also get additional features such as calendars, address books and task lists that you have access anytime, even while you're on the road.

With exchange email hosting, you can share project lists, files and contact lists with other employees in your company. This is a great way to keep everyone on the “same page”, and it makes it a breeze to schedule a meeting without picking up the telephone. You can even make changes to company files while you're offline. It's a good way to stay connected.

Your Business is More Secure with Exchange Email Hosting

Exchange email hosting offers better spam protection. Emails are automatically filtered, and spam is removed so you don't have to delete it yourself. Plus, your email stays on the Microsoft Exchange server, so you have access to old messages. It also offers better protection against viruses, malware and Trojan horses, which keeps your important data secure. You get all of these benefits without having to do your own upgrades. Upgrades are automatically done for you by your email hosting company. This can be a real time saver.

It's Affordable Too

Exchange email hosting is surprisingly affordable, and most companies offer flexible plans to meet the needs of small businesses that are tight on cash. It may cost a little more, but exchange email hosting offers added flexibility and peace of mind. It can even increase your company's productivity by allowing you and your employees to communicate more easily and get more done.

With exchange email hosting, you don't have to purchase hardware or employ IT professionals. Your email host takes care of all upgrades and back-ups. They're also available for support by phone if you have a problem. You get additional flexibility and security for an affordable monthly fee.

Is Exchange Email Hosting Right for Your Business?

Some companies start with a basic email hosting plan and switch over to exchange email hosting when they need a more flexible system. Consider the options, and see whether exchange email hosting meets the needs of your business.

Rock Bottom Priced Hosting - Hosted Exchange Email Plans

Hosted Exchange Email

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